Grooming with Mom: Max

Hi friends, and welcome to today’s edition of Grooming with Mom. Today I want to introduce Max the bishon frise. Here’ an article on the breed’s history, for anyone interested.  Mom met Max’s dad at our yard sale last weekend. The last time Max was groomed, the Not-So-Smart-Pet Place shaved his tail without asking his dad. They said it was matted. Mom grimaced when she heard that, and handed the man her grooming card.Mom forgot to take a “before” picture, so here are two “after” pics. Mom spent the first 40 minutes of this groom working mats out of Max’s ears, and from under his ears and his head. I guess she could have just shaved them *shrug* but she’s smarter than that. She just did the work and charged more, BOL! His dad didn’t mind paying more, and even gave her a tip. It’s going to take time to grow out his face and tail to how they should look, but he’s only 8 years old…there’s time.

Thanks for joining us for another issue of Grooming with Mom. Wags and wiggles, LucyYou groomed my dog how?!

17 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Max

    1. He, he, it’s a funny thing…dog hair cutters can’t cut people hair right, and people hair cutters can’t cut doggie hair right. Tell your Mom to come visit anyway. Wait, Dad’s terribly allergic to cats. 😦 He can’t even go stay with his Mom (my grandma) anymore because of evil Oscar.


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