POTP for Ella

My bestie Ella has been going through some painful times. She blew out her right knee a few weeks ago and had to have surgery on it. Thankfully, her dad is working from home and has been able to help her do her physical therapy several times a day. But because of putting most of her weight on her left leg, she blew out that knee a few days ago. The pain has been bad, and she stopped eating. She lost a lot of weight.

Even just looking at her face you can see how thin she has gotten. The surgery for her left knee is scheduled for Wednesday. We love Ella, and hope you will send her prayers, healing thoughts, good wishes. We want her back looking like she did what seems like a short while ago.

This was taken in November of 2019 of me and my BFF Ella.

We think she’s on some good pain meds and probably some steroids too, ’cause she started eating heartily just a few days ago. I’m really happy about that. I’ve got my front paws crossed for her.

Ella’s best friend, Lucy

29 thoughts on “POTP for Ella

  1. Deer Lucy mee an LadyMew got leeky eyess reedin ’bout sweet Ella. An her 1st foto you can see shee iss alot of pain! Mee iss sendin quad-POTP an lotss of ~~head rubss~~ an LadyMew iss sendin purrayerss an white lite of healin too!
    Wee sure hope Ella’ss 2nd surgery goess well an shee healss well an can reetern to her normal life without pain!
    LadyMew needss BOTH her kneess opurrated on butt not goin to happen durin Covid **sighss**….
    Say maybee LadyMew shudd go to Docktur Kevin mee Vet fore surgery!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

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    1. Thank you for the POTP and head rubs for sweet Ella. We hope your LadyMew can get the help for her knees that she needs soon. (We don’t think the vet will do it, but you could meow him and find out.) XOX Lucy

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      1. Mew mew mew LadyMew all reddy asked Doctur Kevin THE Vet an hee said hee iss not alloud to due surgery on Hu’manss! Butt hee wishess hee cuud when hee seess LadyMew limpin so badlee.
        Wee still inn stewpid lockdown an no fone call from Surgeon to even reeset appointmint so LadyMew has no idea when Or if shee will efurr get surgery…..
        Wee continue to purray an *purr” fore Ella.
        **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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  2. We are sending good thoughts Ella. When Shelby had her surgery 5 years ago, she spent 3 months in a large x-pen. Her movements were very restricted. It helped in her healing. I also used a towel sling around her body when walking her.Hope all will be well

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  3. Oh no. Poor Ella. She is such a brave girl to have 2 surgeries. What a trooper. Mom and I said some prayers for her and her family and her doctors. She will be well soon.

    Love and licks,

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  4. Oh, NO:(
    That is terrible. Poor, Ella. We have our POTP engines on and are sending it directly to her, Pawyers too for a successful surgery and uneventful recovery.
    We hope Ella and her furmily feel the love from Blogville surrounding her, as well as you and your furmily, Xena.


  5. I am praying for Alice Through My Tears. Kisses to all of you and hugs and love coming your way and I hope she is much better soon will pray for her surgery

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