Natureless Friday

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday.

Xena: Mommy promised to take pictures of me checking out the huge tomato plants when she got home from work today. I like to stick half my body into the tomato forest and hunt for little red tomatoes. Yummy! It’s only got green ones now, but I’ve heard those are delish sliced and fried in cornmeal. Mmmm. Mommy said she’s not going to try to slice and dip and fry little maters that aren’t much bigger than my nose, BOL! Anyhow, it was starting to rain hard when Mommy got home, and it hasn’t stopped all evening. So. No. Pictures. That’s why we’re having a Natureless Friday.

Chia: Xena! Hey Xena! Look what I found in the recycle bin on the kitchen counter!

Xena: So what? Oooo, you opened someone else’s mail. You could go to jail.

Chia: No, numbnut, come look closer. Just whose mail is this!? Do you see the name right there under $0

Xena: DON’T CALL ME NUM…it’s…it’s got my name on it! It’s my mail! Wowzers! First I make a new texting friend, and now I’m getting my own mail! I need to call them. Has anyone seen where Mommy left her phone?

Chia: I want mail! I want mail! I want mail!

Xena: Look at this! This mail’s for me, too! I can’t believe it!

I’m going to be busy for a while, Chia. I need to answer my mail. Maybe I’ll have even more friends…and maybe they’ll all have treats…

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with mail

25 thoughts on “Natureless Friday

  1. Oh, Wow! That reminds petcretary of the time she got mail addressed to herself, but with the title The Reverend…BOL, BOL! Nope, she isn’t and won’t ever be…those we do reverence her as our Petcretary/Mom:)

    Years and years ago, when she was getting her car plates changed from Canadian ones to American, she had all the paperwork to show it was OK, and then the lady asked her is she wanted to register to vote…um…nowadays that wouldn’t surprise her that much, but in 1987???

    We didn’t get rain, but we DID get snow…phooey!

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    1. No, Mommy keeps her phone close by now…in her pocket mostly…she says so she isn’t always hunting it. Speshell coverage? No thank you. I’ve got my blankies, and if I need more, I crawl under the covers with Mommy. XOX Xena

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  2. Wow Angel Madi would be impressed…the only mail she ever got addressed to her was from the vet reminding her of her annual check up and it always said ‘don’t forget your stool sample’! She thought that was so rude.
    Hugs Cecilia

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    1. Yes, that whole thing surrounding the vet’s fixation with our behinds is rude! But I’d rather Mommy take a baggie filled with a “stool sample” than have them stick that stick up my butt. The ONLY time they did that I about burst everyone’s eardrums with my scream! XOX Xena


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