Xena’s Wordy Texting Wednesday

Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

I was sitting around minding my own business when I heard Mommy’s phone go *ding!* I think she was in the bathroom and didn’t hear it. So I looked to see what it was *dinging* about. Hey, if I can figure out how to use Alexa to get my supper, this oughta be pretty easy!

While looking at the phone, I remembered Mommy always uses her finger to swipe down from the top to see her messages. I thought my pawpad might work, even though this wasn’t an eyepad…bingo! Here’s the text!

Heyy is this Damir? its Bexley…
we chatted on tagged last time
I came down to see my relatives
but we didn’t connect irl…Im
back n the area for a min if u
wanted 2 actually meet up
this time, around?

Since I know there is no one here by the name of Damir, I texted this back:

U have the wrong number

It worked! I got an answer! And the person even sent me her picture. She must be really nice.

Ouch did I just text some random
dude? Ouch My bad. Im such
stupid some of the time.

I didn’t want my new friend to feel bad, so I let her know it was ok and sent her my picture.

I’m a dog, not a dude, and I didn’t
even understand half your
abbreviations. Don’t worry

about it.

Then I got this reply:

Thank you for not being pissed off!
I suppose not all men are a jerk
that gives out fake phone nos haha; P
Wanna chat? What is ur name?

I was sitting there wondering why she thought I was a man. I looked at my picture real close to be sure I didn’t look like a man in it. Right then, Daddy walked by and saw me using Mommy’s phone. He looked at the texts and said, “Xexe, it’s a robot.”

Whaaaaat? How could a stupid robot text us? Nonetheless, Daddy said I wasn’t allowed to text with my new robot friend anymore. Not even after Bexley tried one more time…

Haha cool meeting ya! Thanks 4
keeping me company . What
kinda hijinks do u get up 2?

I so wanted to tell her I love to dance and go for rides and get treats. And I like playing with both my sisters, too. Maybe she’ll text me back when Mommy or Daddy aren’t around.

I’m Xena Schnauzer Texting Warrior Princess

26 thoughts on “Xena’s Wordy Texting Wednesday

  1. I don’t get many texts but we do get lots of strange phone calls with strange names:
    Logan Kenwing, Alon Cohen, and every so often we even call ourselves on the same line we answer on. I have no idea how those folks do it but if they are that techie they need to get a real job. If I answer these crazy calls I’m then asked if this is _____ and the say my husband’s name. I don’t sound like a man. We have a very shrill whistle by both phones. If they call to often we blow out their ear drums. Most days we keep the phone in the quiet mode. If the calls are legit they will leave a message.
    Hugs cecilia

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  2. Wee not sure who you were textin with butt wee think yore Pawpaw iss rite to meow NO MORE TEXTIN! Wee like Robotss butt not Hu’man Scammy Spammerss an you cuud have been cott up inn sumthin not so guud!
    An you are NO MORE a “dude” than mee Xena!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ❤ BellaSita

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      1. Meow Xexe mee understandss you want frendss….butt this iss a stranger an how did shee get THE fone numburr?? An callin you a Dude…
        BellaSita sais you cuud ahve ended up inn a PHISHIN SCAM which has NOTHIN to due with eatin fish!!!
        Lucy iss rite; wee need to leeve foness alone! 😉

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  3. Chaplin: “Oh, yes, the robots always START OUT nice. But then somebody makes a programming error or uncomments some secret code and BAM! The robots take over the world and lock up all the humans and then there’s no nice soft laps to sit in anymore.”
    Charlee: “Sounds like you spent a little too much time talking to Dennis back in the day, Chaplin.”

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  4. i covered Beaus eyes, i don’t want him to figure out how to answer text because now i am being bombared by text scams and advertisers and all things i don’t want. you are funny and please don’t tell beau how to text

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    1. OK Miss Sandra, I won’t. I am still waiting for my new friend to text me again, but I can’t get the phone away from my Mommy. XOXO Xena Pee S: I wonder if Santa Paws would bring me a phone for Christmas??


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