Arty: Part of the Pack

Arty: Well, I’m still here, so I’m making the best of it. I’ve got my own pack now. Xena’s already explained that she’s in charge. Riley just laughed when she said that. We all ask to go outside a lot. I figured out the doggie door into the dog lot the first day I was here. We go in and out a lot. We all play together, too.

Hey, who’s gonna play with me this time?

Chia: I will! I will! I will!

Arty: OMD! Chia is The Flash! OMD!

Lucy: She’s more like The Blur. C’mon let’s play.

This is Arty, Lucy, and Chia the Flash wishing you a happy weekend.

27 thoughts on “Arty: Part of the Pack

  1. Chaplin: “You dogs sure do like your packs. Not us cats. We don’t need a pack. All we need is a perch and a blanket for making muffins.”
    Charlee: “And a lap. Don’t forget the laps.”
    Chaplin: “Well yes of course the laps. And someone to bring us food.”
    Charlee: “And someone to play with us sometimes.”
    Chaplin: “And pet us and rub our bellies.”
    Lulu: “Uh-huh. But other than that you are completely independent. Got it.”

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      1. Meow arty that iss a GRATE questshun…Doggiess prefurr to bee inn a apck ’cause you are reelated to Wolfiess an they allwayss have their pack.
        Wee catss are diffyrent; wee due not have to have a pack (called a clobburr?? WEERD rite?)
        Wee are more stuck up then Poochiess 😉
        Butt yore Kitty mite love to be inn yore pack….

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  2. You all sure were having fun playing together. What a fun time! Our mom was glad to see your mom move that wine glass because she too was worried someone (or their tail) might knock it to the ground.


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