Vote Lexi for Mayor Reasons 9 and 10

Hello friends, Lexi here again. If you missed my past Campaign Propoganda posts informing you why you need to vote for me for the Supreme Leader of Blogville your Mayor, you can check it out at the bottom of this page. Today, we move on to reasons #9 and #10, which are the last two reasons I can think of right now. I might come up with some more later.

9. A Dog of Many Sorrows: I Understand Affliction. Among other things, I have suffered with and overcome hip dysplasia. I bravely allowed the new vet to stick lots of needles in me and over time it removed the affects of the dysplasia. I also recently survived a round of chemotherapy, the infusion of poison into my bloodstream.


Lexi the Pin Cuhion

Lexi the Pin Cushion








I have also lived through the sorrow of the death of my sisters and housemates, Lily and Ivy.





How is this relevant, you may ask? Not only can I empathize with you, but I am able to come up with new and daring solutions to your problems. I am willing to be a role-model of bravery and fortitude and empathize with you during times of sorrow.

10. “What’s in it for me?” I know that to vote for someone, the biggest question is,  “What do I get out of this?” Right? So, if you tell me you voted for me, and send me your e-mail address, I will send you back via e-mail your very own “I Voted for Lexi!” button, similar to the ones you can now feel free to grab and use from my side bar.  Second, you will feel good knowing you made the right choice for your Supreme Leader Mayor. And, reasons 1 through 8 answer that question quite well, I believe. In case you missed them or just want a refresher, here they are.

Reason 1: Proclaimed Actor

Reasons 2 & 3: Let Them Eat Cake and All Lives matter

Reasons 4 & 5: Church Dog and Build Relationships, Not Walls

Reasons 7 & 8: Volunteer Service and Spokesdog for a Major Multi-National Company

44 thoughts on “Vote Lexi for Mayor Reasons 9 and 10

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  3. An excellent finish to your list of reasons. I think? Are there more? I mean, I can come up with a million but I don’t know if you’re doing a top 10 kind of list. Anywho, is there a special button for the boyfriend of the soon-to-be-Mayor?

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  4. OMD OMD LEXI… you looked like one of those Poke You Spine thingys that sometimes come down Sarge’s Drive way… We are Not allowed NEAR them… fur obvious reasons.
    You surely Do have some IMPRESSIVE qualifications fur being Mayor of Blogville.

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  5. I got a blogger staying here and I am being a Nati City tour guide yesterday, today and tomorrow. Her has studied homeopathic medicine and believes in the pin cushions. Lee says we both need acupuncture. You have my vote.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

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