Lexi’s Second Sunday Selfie

I found just the right chair in the library for my selfie. The sun was shining in the big window, the chair provided a light color contrast against my beautiful black hair, I started to click the button for my selfie, then…

I started to think about the scrambled egg Mom just made me.I started to think about the scrambled egg Mom just made me.

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39 thoughts on “Lexi’s Second Sunday Selfie

  1. Oh Lexi – that iz just a most PAWSUM selfie! Really, just the tip of your cute little tongue – iz like a teaze. Just like thoze profeshunal super modelz do it – leave’em with sumthin’so your readerz will come bak. You shure u ain’t dun this b-4? Great job! Keep your mom around fixin’good thingz.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

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  2. A successful model always shows on her face what’s in her mind. Scrambled eggs! YAY! #thattonguetho It’s perfect!

    Love and licks,


  3. Seems like you’ve quite got the hang of these selfies, Lexi, and showed a lot of restraint when there was food to be had… If it was me and a mouse had run by, my selfie wouldn’t have been me, if you know what I mean! purrs ERin

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