Gracie’s Busy Day

Gracie here again. Today was the day that the peeps get rid of their kids by giving them to the church for a while. I love this kind of day. I am free to love on the little people, and made 87 trips downstairs to do just that. Their giggles make me wiggle and their sticky, tasty fingers and faces are fun to lick.

It is also the day peeps come in to get pieces of paper to trade for food. They all seem to need a dog to pet, so I was there to help with that, too. Lexi had told me this was her most important job as the Church Dog, so I take it very seriously.
avi-and-gracie-revisedThe pastor’s daughter came after school and we played and played. We both finally got worn out and waited on the couch in the room that has lots of books until it was time for her to leave.

When we finally got home after 87 hours of working, I jumped from the car and ran to the house, already thinking about seeing Mr. Jeff and eating my supper. When Ms. Amy opened the door, there stood another gimongous dog. His name is Riley. I backed up and refused to go in until Ms. Amy picked me up. He could still tickle my toes, so I was relieved when we went upstairs and shut Riley downstairs with Mr. Jeff.


I found out Riley was Lexi’s brother and used to live here, too. You probably already know Riley, but for anyone just tuning in, this is a picture of him taken a few years ago.  He is even bigger than Lucy. Speaking of Lucy, she is still wearing the Cone of Destruction and trapping me with it like a Bullie Dozer. I know Lexi never had any problem dealing with all these big dogs in her house, but she forgot to teach me that lesson.

I wonder who is going to show up next…


26 thoughts on “Gracie’s Busy Day

  1. Big dogs can be scary when you’re tiny like us, G. When I was in foster care, big dogs bit my head and ate my food. One more reason why I love that Mom has a one-dog-home. If Riley tickled your feet, there may be hope for friendship there…. but don’t let him eat your food.

    Love and licks,

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    • Hi Cupcake. I live in a one dog home too, and I looked forward to visiting with Lexi. It’s just when I come here now, I never know who else is going to be here. I think Riley might have been tasting my foot…. *shudder*

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    • Yes, it’s true. I think the were picking up papers from our volunteer that they could take to a special bank to trade for food. I know I would rather have food than paper!


  2. What a busy day you had Gracie! I bet Riley and Lucy just want to play with you. Hopefully you’ll get used to their size really soon. I think you are about my size so I understand how you feel. I always have to be on my toes around the pups esp.Bess the bouncy one! Hang in there!
    ~ Linus kitty

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  3. Don’t worry Gracie, Riley probably just wants to play with you:) Nugget gets scared sometimes of big dogs too but then realizes they just want to play, and if Riley chases you in the house there are lots more places you can hide cause your small:)

    Poor Lucy, how is she doing?

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  4. I’m so glad you brought joy to so much people… well done Gracie!!!! I agree with you BIG doggies are a little scary… but after a while you will like them. Like me… I walk next to the giant labrador now instead to run away in a wild stampede…

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