Star Student

Riley has been teaching me things like how to slither off the couch and how to deadie a stuffy. I practice my slithering daily, and it always makes Jeff laugh. Speaking of Jeff, I have lost him. He hasn’t been here for several suns and Mom, er, Amy and I have had the bedroom all to ourselves. I still sleep on my own bed like a good dog. It’s what she taught me to do. I want to be her star student, too.

Back to Riley. While Mom, er, Amy was at work today, he helped me refine my new stuffy deading skills.

Lucy wants to dead the stuffy

I think I understand now. Can I please try it?



This is SO much fun!

This is SO much fun!


Uh, Riley made me do it.

Uh, Riley made me do it.

I am Lucy, Boyfriend Riley’s Star Student!

28 thoughts on “Star Student

    • I am going to try to teach Lucy to ring the little bells on the back door to signal she wants out. Also, heeling. Not nearly as much fun as Riley’s lessons!


  1. Bravo your are a star student, that’s for sure!!! guess what? by now all my toys are still nearly in one piece… the mama said that’s a miracle… butt I say: wait, till I’ve got my furever teeth… hehehe

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  2. Lucy, you are definitely a star student! Why soon you’ll be able to give others lessons in slithering and deading a stuffy. I’m sure Riley is proud of his girlfriend.

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  3. It DOES look like you are doing a lot of important learning there, L! Slithering off the couch is just a hop, skip, and a jump from slithering onto the bed! Try it and see what your mom…er… Amy thinks about it.

    Love and licks,

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    • My Mom, er, Amy already told me I am not allowed on the bed. I try very hard to be a good dog and not do what she tells me not to do. I want her to keep keeping me. I love my Mom, er, Amy.


  4. OMD LUCY… you are a SUPER STAR Student fur SURE. that is one very well Deaded and Shredded Stuffie… You are a GOOD student and have a Terrific Teacher.
    A+ to BOTH of you.

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