17 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Boating – One of Lexi’s Favorite Things

  1. So cute! What a wonderful memory. Checkers didn’t enjoy the water but she liked the one boat ride she took. Miss D ignored the water (or maybe didn’t see it?) she would run right into the ocean up to her neck chasing a bird.

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    1. Lexi liked the boat rides better than the water, but knew she could cool off in the water, so would ask to be put in when she got hot. That’s funny about Miss D.

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      1. Haha that’s adorable! The one time I went swim with Checkers she only got in the water because she was afraid to be “left behind”. She swam to me then proceeded to try to climb on top of my head and get out of the water!

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      2. Good reason to wear a life vest or have a flotation device when swimming with your schnauzer! I see you survived the experience. Lexi never did figure out that could could stop doggie paddling when she had on her vest. Survival instincts.


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