Nature Friday with Competing Sisters

It’s Nature Friday over at my friend Rosy’s place. (Click here to join the hop.)

We got our first bloom of the season. It is a tall purple iris. When Mommy was growing up, her folks also called it a flag. It looked pretty lonely so Lucy and me, we decided to involve it in a contest with us.

So here is how it works. We both posed in front of Miss Iris and want all of you to vote on who did best. The only problem is that it was kinda hot out and we went for a walk first. Even so, I’m pretty sure I will win. I’m even going to let Lucy go first. Lucy said she is featuring three quarter and side poses, in a thoughtful mode. She picked a purple border to match the flower.

Now it’s my turn. Hmm, I guess I needed my beard washed after supper.I decided to do a side pose of just my face and a two thirds pose. I chose a pretty pink border to match my collar. I mean, who wants to look at some stupid flower, anyhow, right?

OK, so now it’s your turn to vote (for me).

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess in a pretty pink border

28 thoughts on “Nature Friday with Competing Sisters

  1. We liked them both you and Lucy are just beautiful next to the Iris. Granddaddy calls the swamp iris he has flags. he has purple and yellow we are jellies as we just have the yellow.

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  2. We don’t want to chose between you two so we all vote for both of you! Our My Margret said to tell you she loves the iris. ~ nose nudges Bonnie, Belle and Bess Pups

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  3. you both get my vote, Big says OF COURSE Lucy gets his vote… you both look adorable, it seems to me Lucy followed directions a tad better. lovely flag, I have never heard one called that

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