After It Rains Hogs

Xena: I’ve heard that the weather is always a safe topic to talk about, so let’s start there today. It’s been stinkin’ rotten hot. It’s been so hot we haven’t even had our walks. In fact, it’s been hotter than a boy in heat.

Lucy: Don’t you know that boys don’t go into heat?

Xena: Sure I do. But you’d have yelled at me if I’da said that other word that starts with a “b”. So I’m making the weather a safer topic, ya see. So then it cooled off a bit after it rained cats and hogs and…

Lucy: It’s dogs.

Xena: What’s dogs?

Lucy: What it rained.

Xena: Yes, it rained. Anyhoo, that cooled it off enough for us to go out and play. I dared Lucy to try to catch me, and off we were on a chase through the dog lot.

I ran and ran in circles, and sometimes Lucy ran off the patio and tried to catch me, but I was too fast! I was in Warrior Princess mode, don’tcha know. All the grass was gone right there in front of the patio door, causing the dirt to get all soft and wet. Lucy got me on my back there and rolled me around a bit. (I let her.)

Lucy: Yep. Then Xena got me on my back and rolled me around a bit. too. (I let her.) After we’d done that for a while, Mom came over to see how muddy we were. I wasn’t muddy at all. I have super hero hair. It glows in the sunlight and keeps me from getting too hot. Fleas and ticks slide off it like a 5-year-old child off a water slide. The cold can’t get through it, and now we know the mud doesn’t stick to it. I got a pass on a bath.

Xena: I have super hero hair too. It doesn’t fall out all over the house and end up in big piles around the walls and the furniture. All that nasty hair around the house belongs to my sister. Apparently, though, mine isn’t mud-repellent.

Wags, wiggles and shakes, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

27 thoughts on “After It Rains Hogs

  1. Mee-yow WOW you have supurr *hot* heet too??? Mani mee frend inn Colorado has *hot* heet an iss 96 deegreess….mee hopess it not as *hot* there! Playin inn THE mud soundss like a lot of fun….Bathtime not so much Xena, mew mew mew….
    It has bin rainin here purrty much all day an LadyMew has bin cleenin an mee bin nappin an snackin…a purrfect day! 😉
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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      1. EEEKKKKK!! That iss far too *hot*!!! Wee have nice Autumm like day; with sum Sun an sum clouds an nice breeze!! Iss ’bout 70 deegreess here rite now (Caturday afternoon).
        Did THE nasty Hurrycane bother youss’ there??? Wee safe here butt it iss headin fore mee Aunty J an Unkell L inn Newfieland…..EEEKKKK!!!!!!

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  2. It’s been super hot here but sadly no rain to mud us up. Only dust. I heard the mama say something about de-dusting us and we have our paws crossed no water is involved. Try to stay cool (and clean-at least for a little bit). Have fun chasing each other.

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  3. I am giggling my head off at that last wet dog peeking out of the tub… so glad the two of you got to romp in the year and roll in the mud. Lucy, Big Boy has the same coat, just sheds off everything and also makes piles of black hairs on white tiles… happy day after labor day.

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  4. Hari OM
    Lucy – methinks you are missing a trick. Surely there is money to be made from using your dropped furs and creating weather repellent garments fur da hyoomans??!!!
    Xena – wuh woh… but you had fun getting to bath time, so compawnsayshun, right?
    Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

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