Selfie Sunday: Xena

It’s my turn to do a Sunday Selfie. My life’s been pretty miserable lately. I have a flea allergy. That means that when even one flea bites me, I go crazy itching and scratching.

Mommy got the yard treatment guys to spray real good. The stuff is supposed to not cause cancer or hurt peeps or pooches, even if we eat the grass — after it all dries. Well, that didn’t work. Even after that and after Mommy washed our bedding and vacuumed and flea bathed us all, I would still have one or two on me every time she checked, morning and night. Then she sprinkled that stuff that cuts them into pieces — I think it’s called diatomaceous earth (Mommy helped me with the spelling) in our dog lot. I still was getting fleas. Then she called the pest service back and a different guy came out. He told Mommy that he was going to use something else that was also safe for all of us. He thought maybe the fleas had grown used to the other stuff, and they needed something new to do the job. He sprayed really good, and Mommy hasn’t found a flea on me since. Well, that way my long way of saying that there have been no new fleas, but I am still suffering from the bites from the other ones that are now dead, and, if Mommy’s words came true as she killed each one, they’re all burning in H.E. double hockey sticks.

Anyhoo, that was a long way of saying that I’ve decided, for my Sunday Selfie, to go to my happy place without fleas or Chia or anything else that irritates me or makes me miserable. Especially fleas.

Join me, and we’ll play and pretend happy things.

Many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies!

28 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday: Xena

  1. Java Bean: “There are definitely no fleas in our happy place!”
    Lulu: “No ticks either! The ticks here have been horrible this year. Maybe we need to call your second pest guy to come and deal with them …”
    Java Bean: “We hope you are feeling much less itchy now, Xena!”

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  2. Thank goodness you got the spray sorted in the end. Heat makes things worse, for sure, and this time of year for me is usually worse. But I have my flea spot-on today so paws crossed I and the palace will be safe for a few months! Enjoy your happy playtime, with or without those jolly hockeysticks!

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  3. That sure sounds awful, Xena. Petcretary had a few horrible experiences with total body itching and hives until she figured out what the cause was…yellow dye! Imagine that…after many years she had a Koolaid…and bang, she nearly had to go to the ER! Then she made a cake…oops…more doctor visits…one more reason to avoid processed stuff…

    Hope you’ll soon be free of nasty fleas.
    That is a cute selfie!

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  4. Mee-yow Xena what a crummy time you have had of it! Flea’ss are plain nasty! Them an Tickss two!!!!
    Wee use Dye-ametishuss Earth here two an it sure werkss guud. Wee sorry it not werk fore youss there.
    Thanx to Sky Cat fore 2nd Man who had spesehell spray to wipe out Fleasss…
    Pleese rest an feel bettur soon Xena….
    Yore Selfie iss beeuteefull…
    Let’ss snuell an nap an dreem of tasty treetss 😉
    **nose kissess** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. The D. Earth is great, but it doesn’t kill ALL the fleas and it only takes one biting me to make me miserable for days. Grrr to fleas! I just got a bath with a special silver soap and I’m feelin’ better right now. XOX Xena

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  5. so very sorry sweet Xena, itching is awful. I am suffering from it and don’t know what is causing it, not fleas. Beau takes nexguard once a month and we have no fleas on him ever. all of our dogs used it. I feel pain from the nexguard because of the expense and we only have one dog. glad you found a place that is free from fleas. soon winter will come and kill them all until next year

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    1. Winter is my favorite time of the year! Mommy won’t give me any of that medicine with poisons in it. She says she’s cutting down her chances of losing another dog to cancer. So she condemns them all to the fiery place and we work on it in other ways, BOL! Pee Ess, I’m not nearly as itchy today. XOX and *wags* Xena


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