Memory Monday: Boating

It’s Memory Monday and, since it is really stinkin’ hot out, I thought it would be a good time to reminisce about being on the lake (especially since Mommy is too lazy stubborn busy something to take me lately.)

Boating time

Me on my boat in the Tennessee River

June 25, 2005

Today I swam eleven laps around my pontoon boat – a personal best (perhaps because no one was watching when I wanted back in after the fourth lap).  When we were done at the lake we went to Dairy Queen, a place that has the most wonderful treats. Brrr!  The ice cream made me very cold and I started to shake uncontrollably. I knew Mom would take my ice cream away if she saw me shivering so I gobbled my pup cup of vanilla ice cream (my favorite flavor).  It was worth it!  I’ll make up for it tonight by puking on Mom’s bed.  Won’t she be surprised?!

June 2, 2007

My pontoon boat is in the water! I have already had so much fun on it this summer. I mostly lie around and sun my beautiful body. Sometimes I lay in the shade and eat snacks. Sometimes I swim to a nearby island and smell all the luscious smells. Last Sunday I got a bit hot so I went to the edge of my pontoon boat to let Mom know I wanted to cool off in the water. What did she do? She reached for my life jacket. I hate that thing. It ranks right up there with clothes. She could tell I didn’t want to wear it, so she said she would make a deal with me. I wouldn’t have to wear it if I stayed close to the boat. I thought, ok, no problem. Mom lowered me into the water – I still don’t like to jump in –  and I swam around the boat twice before asking her to help me back in. Mom says I am the smartest schnauzer girl ever. I have a good life. I am Lexi the boat dog.

Later the same month

I was back in the water, swimming around my boat sans life jacket when Mom reached down and plucked me back into the Lexi B Sammy Joe. She said she saw really big turtles sunning themselves on a rock not too far from where we were parked anchored. She also said she had seen some one-legged ducks. “From now on,” she said, “you have to wear your life jacket, just in case.”

I don’t understand what big turtles and one-legged ducks have to do with anything, but that “just in case” has me scared. I won’t get in the water now. Not until I figure this out. I am Lexi, the four-legged schnauzer, and wantin’ to keep it that way.

Another Memory Monday (click here, folks, pups and kitties) story from my boyfriend, Noodle. Isn’t he the dreamiest! Noodle 2

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