Memory Monday: The Elevator

Today I was thinking about elevators and how they have become a part of life. I ride an elevator at least twice every time I go to therapize the sick kids at the children’s hospital  and even understand the etiquette of elevator riding: turn to face the front and be quiet.

Sometimes I rode the elevator when Mommy and I worked at St. Paul’s. One evening we were all there (Mom and Dad and me) teaching a ballroom dance class. There was a good mixture of parishioners and folks from the big band that my Dad plays in. They all know me and know enough about me to realize what a talented genius I am. We taught in a large room upstairs, with the elevator just outside the door. Eventually, I got bored and headed down the stairs, then down the long hallway to the kitchen, which was at the other end of the church. I thought maybe I could get a little snack before going back to help with the class. While I was gone, something made the elevator ding. The class stopped and, suddenly realizing I was gone, everyone looked questioningly out at the elevator. Finally, someone voiced what everyone there was thinking: did Lexi push the button and get on the elevator? BOL! I am not tall enough to push the buttons!

I want to share with you the story of my first elevator ride in today’s Memory Monday.

February 6, 2007
I had my first ride in an elevator. Mom carried me onto it. It started to go up and when she tried to put me down I clung onto her like crazy. No way was I going to stand on this thing that was moving under us. She caught me with her knee as I was sliding off her and she saved me. The doors of this elevator thing slid open and she carried me out into a hallway. Then I got to visit my Grandma in her new apartment. I was so excited to see her and she was excited to see me too. When we were done visiting Mom held me on the elevator ride back down.

A few days later I went back to see Grandma and had to go on this elevator thing again. Mom tricked me – just walked right onto it with me on my leash. I was looking at this person that I thought would pet me and wasn’t paying enough attention to where I was going. I could feel it begin to move, but I kept my eye on that bright metal circle in the middle. I think that was the thing making it all happen. We made it up OK and I was wiggly happy to see my Grandma again. Grandma had a piece of toast all ready just for me. Mom thought she tricked me again when we left, but I knew that as long as I watched that circle thing, it would be OK. I just wanted to share that with all of my friends so you would know to just watch that metal circle and you don’t need to be afraid to go on an elevator. The elevator will take you good places, like to see the people you love. I am Lexi, the brave elevator-riding schnauzer.

By the way, since I posted this eight years ago I have come to realize that not all elevators have metal circles in the middle and that isn’t what makes them work. I am older and wiser now!

4 thoughts on “Memory Monday: The Elevator

  1. Michele moved into an elevator building about five years ago. The building only has three floors, but my knees were a problem and Sid and I went to the elevator. He refused to walk into it and I had to pick him up. Hoping to avoid the whole issue, I decided that we would walk down the stairs when we left. Sid refused to walk down the stairs. Things have not improved over the years.

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    • Sid, are you a Virgo? They are “earthy” beings, you know, and it sounds like you like all 4 paws planted firmly on solid ground. You could miss fun things as well as food by refusing to do the elevator. I promise, it won’t hurt you!


  2. Lexi, you were great on the elevator. The first time is always scarier than heck. Shoko is a chicken about anything new and needs a push. We think you are so clever and busy! Your book is great. We are so sorry your gramma went to the Rainbow Bridge…we all cried…even Dad was heard blowing his nose. You have been Toto twice! You are so talented. Winning the Miss Annie award was fantastic.
    We are having so much entertainment each night before bed….thank you my friend.

    Kitty Kisses,


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