Has Riley become a pig? (No, really)

Does anyone remember my ex-brother-traitor-who-moved-away Riley? He was so persnickety that he wouldn’t walk in the grass when it was wet. He wouldn’t go into the dog lot because he thought it was too nasty. He spent hours grooming himself like a cat, chewing the hair from between his paw pads, licking every last bit of dirt from between his toes and gnawing his nails to a perfect length. His lick, lick, lick drove me to distraction. Now, he has moved to North Carolina and either discovered he is really a pig, decided to give up and just be a dog, or is trying to fit in with the pigs. I give up, you decide.

First, the half ton pig Tulip:

Now, Riley:

Whatever he is thinking, he sure does look happy! Way to go, bro!

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