Super Sunday Selfie


My Mom. *shakes head* She couldn’t find the Sunday Selfie hosting site today. So she said, “Never mind, you can still do your Sunday Selfie on your own blog, Lexi, and maybe someone will be kind enough to send us the link.” *sigh* So I did, since I have had some time to think about it this week.

This is how I have seen myself most of my life: brave, strong, humble, present in time of need, and much loved by everyone:

Super Schnauzer
Super Schnauzer

I am Lexi, the lonely Sunday Selfier. I guess I will go watch the PAWlympics.

OK, Mom finally got with it and found the hop. I am in it. Hop on over (really Mom?) to The Cat on My Head to see all the other Super Sunday Selfies.

38 thoughts on “Super Sunday Selfie

  1. Hurrah fur Sue-purr Lexi Gurl ❤
    if you have trubble with thee stew-pid linky just go vizit mee Aunty Janet at Kittiess Blue an leeve a commint an ask fur her to linky you uppy! Shee iss a nice lady an will do it inn thee blink of an eye!!!
    **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Yur not alone deer furend…..not efurr…..

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      1. Hurrah fur yur Mumma!
        An yur nevurr alone with yur furamillee an furends there an Noodle mee Moodle an mee an LadyMum an ALL yur bloggie furendss…an wee ALL are sendin POTP to you efurry day!!!
        ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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