My Week in Pictures, or How I Got Fired

Hi this is Lucy. I finally got Amy to help me with a post. After all, I now share this post with my sister Angel Lexi.

My week didn’t start out the best. Riley went off with Andrew and left me at home all day on Tuesday. Here’s what he was doing. I am not sure I would have wanted to do that with him. But he’s my boyfriend and I think he should have at least asked me.

                                    The water’s not cold — it’s refreshing!

Then he teased me with this video.

The next day, I showed him! I went to work with Amy and left him at home!! When Amy wasn’t paying attention, I wandered down the hall and went into the nursery. It smelled funny, so…

I figured everyone was leaving pee mail, and I would say hi too. Boy, did I get in trouble! Amy lectured me, and said I got one more chance when she brought me back the next day. The next day was Thursday, and it started out really great. All the little people came and I got to be the greeter!

Welcome to St. Luke. I am Lucy, and I will play with you.

A little later, I really had to do my business, so, since Amy had given me another chance, guess where I did it. Amy told Jeff and Jeff told Andrew and Andrew said he would clean the carpet before the babies and toddlers came in on Sunday. Then I got fired. When we left for home, Amy said I should tell the pastor, “Goodbye, see you in a year.”

When I got home, I ran into Jeff’s office because I knew Amy was still upset with me. Riley was there, and we practiced our coordinated half moon sleeping position.Today after work Amy put me and Riley in the car and took us someplace called a dog park. She said we could only stay if no one else was using it, which she said is usually the case. I think it would be lots of fun if there were other dogs there, but she said after what happened to Riley at another dog park, she wasn’t risking it. This one is just a big grassy area enclosed by a fence. It’s tons bigger than our dog lot. It has a bench for peeps to sit on and a sign with rules and a stream running through it.  Except there was no water in the stream today.  Amy said most people don’t come ’cause it doesn’t have any ex straws. I don’t need ex straws, whatever those are. Riley and I had tons of fun there just like it is!

At first we just played like we do at home.

Then, we ran like the wind!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with what I’ve been doing. Now that I am unemployed, I will have to find other things to get into things to chew activities.

Lots of love, Lucy


36 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures, or How I Got Fired

    1. Lucy here. Checking the pee mail wasn’t the problem, although I couldn’t read it ’cause it was in a different language. It was trying to leave my own mail that caused me to lose my job!

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      1. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear on my response, Lucy. I was a little tired cause Mom booted me off the bed to make it. BOL. I meant to say, sometimes checking the pee mail leads to deposits. Hee hee hee. I’m still sorry you got fired, but I’ll bet you have lots of other talents and will find something soon! Woof! Tail wags! Love, Maggie

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  1. Oh mee oh mye Lucy yu tried to bee a good werker…this peemail stuff iss tuff isn’t it??? Mee doggie furend Molly thee Maltese has taken to poppin inn her new Mumma’ss apartment. Shee iss 10 yearss old an her 1st Hu’man Mumma died this past Novemburr so Lady Debbie adopted Molly. An then thee poopin started? Lady Debbie doess not even get angree….butt mee can see why Lady Amy was uppyset. Iss embarrassin if you do it at her werk….
    An Riley lookss like hee had a lot of fun. Mee hopess youss’ get to go out together to doggie park again soon…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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    1. Poor Molly. It is nice her new Mumma doesn’t get upset with her. My Amy Mom doesn’t holler or hit me, but she waggles her finger and loses the sweet in her voice, and that makes me afraid. 😦 I have been telling her at home when I have to go out. I just didn’t want to bother her with it at work. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it (unless you can help me with a better one.)

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      1. Wee fink Molly iss still greevin fur her ferst Mumma plus shee iss 10 yeerss old so mite bee sumfing wrong fizzicallee…..
        When mee iss notty; LadyMum losess her ‘sweet’ inn her voice all so.
        Yur story iss purrty solid Lucy….mee can not fink of sumfing better…..mew mew mew…..
        ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

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  2. Well we all have to grow and learn so now you’ve learned we don’t go potty inside… We’re sure with practice you’ll get this one down in no time. It looks like you and your furiend had a wonderful visit to the dog park. That’s one of several places Mom doesn’t take me. I’m happy here on the farm and there’s miles and miles of woods and fields for me to sniff and explore.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

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    1. My Amy Mom said we can only go if there aren’t any other dogs there. I used to run run run anywhere I wanted, and even crossed a busy road without getting hit by any of those big car things. That’s how I almost got taken to the dog shelter.My Amy Mom rescued me just in time. I think I would like to have a farm to explore, too.


    1. Oh no, are you one of the reasons dog parks get a bad name? And churches don’t pay unemployment, so no, under do circumstances would Lucy qualify.


      1. We were well behaved at the park for the most part. Shelby would lay in the sand and Sid would run himself ragged. Sophie was terrified by everything.It was too much work for me unless I went with someone. People never picked up after their animals and I felt that it wasn’t healthy to be there.

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        1. No, that wouldn’t be healthy. And poor Sophie! Dog parks are certainly not the best way to socialize a dog. Mine have always just enjoyed the empty fenced park where they could let off some steam running and playing with each other.

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  3. Lucy,
    I’m sorry you were fired, ask Mom, maybe it could be called a lay off instead, just until the potty stuff gets easier.
    You and Riley sure looked like you were having fun at the dog park. Tag is such a fun game!
    Keep up the good work on the half moon sleeping positions. I think you’ve got it!
    ~ cuddles to you and Riley and hugs to Mom.

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    1. Hi Mrs Margret! I heard there will be another pawlympics sometime and we want to enter the synchronated sleeping position category. Mom said we will try again at work in a year. I don’t know how long that is. Yes! My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time at the dog park! Wiggles and cuddles back to you.


      1. I am Ms. Monika, a very good girl. I’m only one year old, and I thought when Amy said I got one more chance, she meant another chance to go pee pee in that room. It was toe tall lee a misunderstanding!


  4. Oh, Lucy! I know exactly why you left pee mail in there. It’s the same reason I left pee mail in the conference room at Mom’s job. Don’t worry. They’ll realize how much they need you and you’ll be back sooner than you think! *Ear licks*

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    1. Actually, they aren’t. Most experts recommend against them. It’s because a lot of dog owners don’t understand the dynamics of dogs, and don’t recognize bullying behaviors, or even worse, think their dogs, like their children, can do no wrong. Be sure to follow the link in my post to why I don’t go if others are there.


      1. Interesting. I completely over-looked the total ignorance of many people who get a dog yet have no idea what they have. I retract my comment.

        I had great neighbors once, who got their young children a cocker spaniel pup for Christmas one year. That year, there was a huge snowstorm, and I piled snow from the driveway in a “mountain” in the front yard. Kids being kids, they came over and played on the snow mountain…with the pup. We had no problem with that at the time, and the kids and their pup had a great time!

        Time passed, the pup became a dog. Every morning, when I was leaving for work, the neighbor let the dog out to use the bathroom. And every day that dog, thinking it owned my front yard because it played there as a pup on that stinking snow mountain, charged me, teeth bared, head lowered, and definitely posing a threat of attacking me! I’d hurry up and get in my car, and only then did the dog run back into its yard.

        My neighbor’s response? “Don’t do that, Buffy!” The dog totally terrorized neighbors, and the husband’s co-workers called it “Cujo” after the dog from hell in the Steven King book.

        Buffy definitely would have been a menace to people and dogs in the local dog park. She definitely complicated good relations between neighbors.

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      2. Yep, bad owners. Plus, buff cockers carry a gene that can make them mean. Please don’t take that as me saying they are all like that. I’ve known a couple of very sweet buffs. 🙂


  5. I can’t believe you got fired! But I’m sure you can find another job soon, maybe you can get a job as a guard dog at the house? Or help the mailman when he brings the mail to the door? It looked like you had fun at the dog park. I love the dog park mom always throws a ball for me but I never bring it back or let go of it when I do come back, mom gets mad and says I don’t know how to play, but I just love my ball so much I don’t want to get rid of it.

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    1. Hi Nugget! Mom forgot to bring any toys, so we just made our own fun. 🙂 I understand, after you’ve gone to all that trouble of chasing after the ball why would you want to give it up!?

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