Going to Gatlinburg

December 9, 2005
Mom said we are going to Gatlinburg for Christmas. I get to be with my big people brothers and there will be lots of good food and gifts. We’re going to stay in a cabin and there are lots of woods around where I can run and play. Yeah! But Mom said I have to watch out for bears….what are bears? I hope they are fun to play with and that is why I am watching for them.

It’s going to be sooooooo much fun. Except for the bears – I found out they are bad. I hope there aren’t any, whatever they are. I wonder if they are like fleas. Fleas are bad. Ticks are bad. Bears are bad. I hope Mom doesn’t put spray on me to keep them off me.

She said she’s putting a bow on my collar. I bet I can get it off. Won’t Mommy be surprised!

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