Sickness and Memory Monday updates

First, the most important thing. I am feeling much better this afternoon. Mommy gave me a half feeding of  my regular chow. I have been staring at her for the last 70 minutes telling her I am ready for the other half. I’m a schnauzer. I am persistent with a very long attention span.

I can wait like this for a very, very long time.
I can wait like this for a very, very long time.

Next, it has been brought to my attention (thank you, Noodle) that the e-mail address I gave for Memory Mondays is not working. Please use this one:  And please resend your blog if you tried earlier and it didn’t work.

Finally – oh, wait! Mom, can I have some of those potato chips? Not on my life? Well, then, how about some more dog food?

Back to what I was saying. The very best dog friend in the whole world  ❤ posted a Memory Monday and it is now on my original blog, Memory Mondays. Check it out!


9 thoughts on “Sickness and Memory Monday updates

  1. YAY! You’re feeling better! BOOOOOOO to your Mom for not giving you all of your food! Excuse me for a second.
    Dear Mrs. Lexi’s Mom, please give her more food. Thank you!

    Warmest Regards,
    I’m back. Let me know if anything interesting happens in the next little bit okay?
    Talk to you soon! <3, Noodle

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    1. No more squirts, so Mom finished feeding me. As a form of protest, I did not finish my dry food.

      I am back on my regular schedule and things are coming out alright, if you know what I mean, even if a bit softer and squash colored. Oh my, Mom said that is definitely TMI. Bowowow! Mom now has a message for you, Noodle.

      Dear Noodle, I really appreciate your concern for my precious Lexi. Please know that I always act in her best interest. What Lexi failed to tell you is that she was getting plenty of white rice, scrambled eggs and vanilla yogurt during her ban from her regular dog food.

      Ear tickles,
      Lexi’s Mom

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      1. You can tell me anything, Lexi. Tell your Mom it’s not like we’re strangers anymore. I don’t know about you but I happen to think we’re pretty serious.

        EGGS AND YOGURT?!?!?! Mmmmm! I think I’d give up 1/2 my food for eggs and/or yogurt! Thanks for the ear tickles, Mrs. Lexi’s Mom!

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