The Lineup

At work, I like everything to be “just-so,” in it’s place. I think I am just like my Mommy.  She likes everything “just-so” on her desk, too. I often take my stuffies and other toys into the hallway to play with them.  (Mommy doesn’t do that with her boring desk stuff.)

You can see I have everyone lined up nice and neat. Closest to me is Blue Bone, then Little Bunny, then Brownie Bear, then Hedgehog, then Rope Toy. I carry them out here one at a time and carefully place each one next in line.

Now it is time to play and visit with my friends.

So Brownie, this is what that other dog named Mallie did to me. What? You don’t like it either? I know! It is so rude. Miss Beth said she won’t bring Mallie here anymore on Thursdays, but she might bring her on Mondays when we are here. I heard her and Mommy talking about us getting to be friends. I guess that would be OK – as long as she keeps her nose away from my bee-hind.

Sometimes when I get sleepy I invite one of my stuffies to come back in the office from the hallway to join me for a nap. Today it was Brownie Bear, after I promised to not stick my nose you-now-where anymore. Sweetheart was already napping in my bed. *yawn* (He, he, I made Mommy yawn, too. I told you we are just alike.)

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess with my Stuffies


30 thoughts on “The Lineup

      1. Oh yes mee snuggullss with mee Puff Daddy mousiess an Kapi an Chunkey Monkeyss’ an Tanuja thee littul grey kitt stuffie an mee 2 Katnip monkeyss’ Called Shawn Monkey an Shawn Money Too. Mee iss quite a snugguller Xena! 😉

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  1. OMD, Xena, Ma says you can come to my house and line up my toys for me! I just drag mine out and leave them all over the family room floor, the kitchen, the hallway, the patio, the flowerbed….wells, you get the picture! She says I could learn a lot from you! whatevers. BOL!!!
    Sweet dream WP!
    Ruby ♥

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  2. Xena, we have never met a dog that takes care of her toys and doesn’t chew them to pieces. And you have the pure artistic talent to line them up in a row! You are truly one of a kind! Or do all Schnauzers do this type of OCD things. You are adorable even if you are not the norm. Luvz, Patzy

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    1. *wiggles* Thank you, Bessie, I love my stuffies. I say, “Chew bones, not stuffies.” (And I found out that chewing furniture is bad, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.) ~Xena

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    1. Hi Madi. Well, I am starting to get used to little kids, so I will think about that. Hey, Blue Rope Toy! Get back in line! Te, he.


  3. Hari Om
    It is good to have a little order in life, Xena and you it seems you are very keen on it. As is your mum. Fair enough. Now, pawhaps you and Mallie can get to know each other a little time each week, slowly slowly, softly softly and all that… hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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