You Simply Won’t Believe (Or, an Office is Moved)

Xena: You simply won’t believe what happened.

Lucy: Is that because you make things up so often?

Xena: No! It’s because it’s, it’s…oh never mind, I just want to tell what happened. And it’s true. Every word of it. You’re not going to believe this. *hop, hop*

Mommy’s friend’s name is Laurie. Miss Laurie has Eefah (OK, so that’s not how it’s really spelled, but that’s what it sounds like, and I’m goin’ with it.) She’s a really nice Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. Miss Laurie brings Eefah to be groomed every 6 weeks and her and Mommy talk the whole time. It’s something like 87 hours. This is Eefah after going home from being groomed.

I’m Aoife and I approve these pictures.

Lucy: Xena, this falls in the “Lucy Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat” category. What does this have to do with the offi…

Xena: Shhh, I’m telling the story, Lucy. So anyhow, Miss Laurie brought a bottle of…wait for it…whiskey to work. Did I mention that Miss Laurie works in the office next to Mommy’s? Anyhoo, it was for some event they were having, or so it was said. Mommy wanted to try it. Scandal! Drinking alcohol at work! So the office – in fact, the whole building – got closed – and…

Lucy: Hold up. That is not why the building got closed!

Xena: Well, how do you know? How do you know that the whole story about the building being something called structurally unsound was the real reason. Maybe it was a cover up to the scandal? Maybe…

I’m Ole Smoky Tennessee Salty Caramel Whiskey, and I do not approve this message.

Tennessee Whiskey Bottle: Hold up there, you crazy schnauzer. Do you really think that one little ole sip of me could close the entire building and make everyone have to work somewhere else? Do you think that they would have spent thousands of dollars for months and months — before the “alleged” scandal happened — trying to quantify the damage from the soil shifting that caused cracks and mold in the building? You are one loco pup with a big imagination. I get around, and I hear things. It was the terrible drought followed by the torrential rains that finally did it in. That bad soil the synagogue was built on finally did a real bad shift and now it is unsafe to be in there. Now stop telling tall tails, or even short tales, you little terrier with a giant imagination, and maybe some day you’ll even be allowed a wee sip of me.

Xena: *bewildered look* Uh, as I was trying to say, the office is now in the bottom floor of our home. That area is something called an “in-law suite.” I wonder where the “out-laws” get to sleep, BOL! With no 40 minute commute, Mommy gets to sleep later and work in her casual clothes. Of course, that also means we get our breakfast later, and I don’t like that at all. I jump in bed and nudge under her neck, trying to get her up to feed me, er, us.

Our new home office

And Miss Brooke, who is the Office Assistant and only lives a few minutes away comes to our house to work. She got her own key and everything. We get to stay in the office with them all day and get pet and I lay in Mommy’s lap a lot. Miss Brooke really likes us both and says we are very good pups. And I don’t have to stay in my kennel any more. Of course, that also means I don’t get my treat puzzle, either. That’s another thing that falls in the not good column, but I really do like having Mommy home all day.

Lucy: And now Mom is home when we think we should get our supper. I remind her by poking her with my nose. Me and Xena, we used to synchronize our pokes to Dad to let us out and give us treats, with Xena standing under me. He says we look like a 2-headed Cerberus like that. Now he shuts his home office door. He says his leg was starting to bruise and he wasn’t getting any work done, either. One day last week I stuck my head under Mom’s leg while she was sitting in her work chair and tried to lift her up so she would come feed us. It surprised her, but it didn’t work.

Miss Brooke’s own dog, Hank, has started coming with her. Every time I see Hank, I try to make up with him, but he doesn’t seem to want to be friends. I’ll keep trying, like I did with Riley, and I know he will eventually be my friend.

I’m Hank, and I’m not unfriendly or afraid; I’m just not interested.

Xena: Hank’s afraid of me. Mommy says it’s cause I bark at him. Isn’t that barkalishis? I’m only 15 pounds to his 45 pounds. He must know I’m a Schnauzer Warrior Princess. I invite him to play every time he is here, but he always says no way Hose Aye. My name isn’t Hose Aye. He must have me mixed up with some chihuahua he knows. Mommy got Angel Lexi’s bed from the attic for him to lay on. But when he’s not here on Wednesdays and Thursdays…

We keep Mommy and Miss Brooke company and give them moral support. All day.

Keep up the good work Mommy and Miss Brooke.

We are Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess at work.

28 thoughts on “You Simply Won’t Believe (Or, an Office is Moved)

  1. Oh noes abouts the building! I hopes they rebuild it on more solid ground (maybe anchor it to the bedrock, like they do here). Butts, it is FABulous that you gets your Moms home to work with Hank! that is very fun and I am sure he will warm up to you gurls very soon…who could resist your charms anyhu???
    Oh, and Ma said that whiskey sounds delish! (and she doesn’t even drink the whiskey!)
    Ruby ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We like having Mom work from home. She gives us extra treats and pats and a dog walker comes and takes us for a walk while she uses her lunch break to get dinner in the crockpot or do laundry. Abby and Larelei Lab

    Liked by 1 person

  3. now this is a tale to end all tails, oops Tales… so sorry the land has shifted, but YAY for mom working at home every day and no being left Home Alone…. Hank is very Handsome, just like the two of you are very beautiful… have fun, I don’t know if I should hope the building gets fixed quickly or not. I am sure you two are hoping NOT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Miss Sandra. It’s not going to get fixed, it’s too bad and this has been coming on for a long time. But Mommy says they might get a new temporary office. We sure hope it will be “dog friendly.” Xox Lucy and Xena (and Hank)


      1. so sorry, to hear this. it happens a lot here in Florida, sink holes and sometimes old buildings were built on hidden city dumps and those buildings have sinking problems. I meant to say how much I admire the way the new office is set up using tables. very creative.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Sorry to hear your mom’s work building has been shut down, but how cool is it that she and her colleague can work together at your house. That. is. so. cool. Enjoy having your mum around and Elsa says the food could be raining down on you both on Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving, Xena and Lucy! 🦃

    Liked by 1 person

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