Our Trip and Chia on Wordy Wednesday

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Xena: Hi friends, we’re back! Did you miss us? Me and Lucy, we went away – way away. We rode in the car for 14 hours. Really! I know sometimes I egg zagerate a teeny bit, but I actually heard my folks say it was a 14 hour drive! Our supper was 87 hours late.

Riley: They went away and left me.

They even took that annoying Chia somewhere. I was just starting to like her – kinda.

Lucy: Our neighbor Mr. Ron was thinking about keeping Chia for good, so he got a “test drive” for four days.

Xena: We thought we would miss her…well, at least a little bit…but how could we miss her when it was like she was there with us at our Grandma’s house in Ill in noise? That’s our Aunt Jenny’s puppy, Jemma, bothering me on my Grandma’s deck. (Aunt Jenny is not to be confused with our Auntie Jen) I had to keep putting Jemma in her place. She doesn’t understand boundaries because she hasn’t had other dogs to play with and she’s only 11 months old like Chia. Those two would really hit it off.

Everyone left us alone and let us work it out. I was a good teacher. We played a little bit, too.

Lucy: We were at our Grandma’s house, and our Dad’s two sisters were there. They are our Aunt Jenny and Aunt Bobbi. The other pup behind Xena and Jemma is Aunt Bobbi’s dog Daisy. She’s a farm dog from Indiana. She was real nice, and pretty much left everyone alone.

We were way out in the country in an area called The Territories. Xena and I got to play outside in the big yard while Mom helped Aunt Bobbi and her husband Uncle Dennis pull weeds and make the area around the house look better. We ran and ran and chased each other. Then we saw a baby deer, so we chased it! We got called back before we could catch it, though.

Xena: I wasn’t sure about Aunt Bobbi at first, and wanted to go to my Uncle Dennis. But when Mommy handed me to Aunt Bobbi I could tell how much she wanted me to like her, so I did. I even let her baby hold me.

Early Monday we started on the 87, er, 14 hour ride home. No one was at our house when we got home that night exceptin’ for Riley. He was real happy to see us, too. Then Mommy disappeared for a little while the next morning and came back with…guess who. Yep, you probably guessed…it was Chia. She was over the moon excited to see us.

Lucy: She was moving so fast that she was a blur, not just in the picture, either. I was still a bit groggy from all the Sea Beady oil I took on the way home, so I hid from everyone the rest of the day.

Xena: The next morning I played with Chia for a while after Mommy told me to stop being so ugly to her. She finally wore out and slept most of the day close to where Mommy was working for the synagogue.


Later, I got to laugh at her, cause she had to wear my big girl panties! BOL, BOL, BOL! Can you see the look she’s giving Mommy?

Then Mommy forgot to take them off of her when she went out to potty. ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing)! At least I never pooped my pants! For once in my life I’m glad we’ve got two more pair, a purple one and a green one. She’ll probably be wearing them for another week or two.

Lucy: At least she went out to potty, even if she did it in her diaper!
Mr. Ron said “he” was a very good girl the whole time “he” was there. “He” didn’t mess in the house at all and didn’t tear up anything. But “he” did try to take off when “he” saw a squirrel on their short walk, and “he” pulled Mr. Ron over a fence. Poor Mr. Ron has a lot of physical problems because of being in the service. We don’t know what all happened to him, but he’s not got a lot of strength and has had lots of operations on his back. Anyhow, Mr. Ron said he didn’t get hurt. Whew! About then Mom gently said, “You know Chia is a girl, right? She’s in heat.” Mr. Ron said he knew that, and had been thinking about a new name for “him”, like Rocky or a couple of other boy names that he said. Again, Mom gently reminded him that Chia is a girl. We think Chia may always be a boy to him.

Mr. Ron wants to keep Chia or Rocky or whoever. He fell in love with him, er, her, just like Mom figured he would. Chia cuddled up next to him all the time, or laid in the same “baby hold” that Xena does. But his son was coming with his German Shepherd that would have attacked and killed Chia. After that he has several trips planned. So Mom suggested that they share her. She would live with Mr. Ron when he was home and it was safe to do so. We would keep her the rest of time, even if Mr. Ron just needed a “time-out.” He had to think about that for a minute, and then decided he liked that idea.

Xena: I like that idea too. That way I can still be the baby most of the time. She will still come here and we can play and have fun and be a bigger family. And when she’s gone we can rest and play with each other and take trips and do Freestyle and, and, and…. maybe miss her, too.

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, Riley and Chia wishing you a happy Wordy Wednesdy.

33 thoughts on “Our Trip and Chia on Wordy Wednesday

  1. Wee are glad youss; had a guud vissit an are back safelee Lucy an Xena.
    Umm Miss Amy if Mistur Ron thinkss Chia iss a boy who will get her spayed? An iss it OKay if he thinkss Chia is a boy ’cause givin her another name mite bee confusin…..jsut meowin….
    Mee missed you Riley! Hope yore doin guud! You look furabuluss.
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI Miss BellaDharma. It’s good to be woofin’ with you again. We heard Mr. Ron talk about getting Chia spayed, and Mom said it is best to wait 3 years and just keep her safe until then. Then she came up with authorities who told her that (Xena’s breeder and our vet). XOX Lucy and Xena
      Thanks, pretty kitty. I’m doin’ great! Riley.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think that is a fabulous plan! that photo with the underwear was hilarious! Totally understand about dogs with no boundaries lol, Levi just turned 9 months old today and he has a loooong way to go! So happy for all of you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It sounds like you all had a great time on your trip and Chia had a good time with Mr. Ron. The shared responsibility for her sounds like a good solution for everyone. We hope it works out great for all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes you’re going to miss her when she’s gone, but you still get to see here now and then. It’s a win-win.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥


  5. hari om
    Oh yes, I give appaws x 87 for that compromise for Chia/Rocky (as long as she/he doesn’t develop a split pawsonality!!!) Maybe you will have the first-ever ‘they’ dog? That would be cool too. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  6. so happy you are back safely and had such a wonderful time, deduct the travel time from the wonderful part. Chia is awfully cute and it is good you can share her.. sounds like Mr Ron might have a little memory problem, so maybe for the best to be a shared pup… good to SEE all of you and welcome home

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucy:: I miss my Grandma and Aunts and Uncle and dog cousins.
      Xena: It would be great to be home if it weren’t for one little thing…named Chia.
      Chia: I’ve got my playmates back! Woohoo!


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