Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! It hardly seems like it’s been only a week since I last reported on a new groom — yet here is a new one yet again. And, once again, this pup’s mom was referred to us by one of our current clients. Lily is a 2-year-old shih tzu who couldn’t get in to see her regular groomer for 2 months. Here’s what she looked like when she arrived at our door.

She didn’t weigh more than three or four pounds, just a wee bit of a girl with more mats than anything. Groomer Mom felt her over real quick-like and delivered the bad news that she would have to shave Lily down (that’s a grooming term) everywhere – even her face. Her mom said to do whatever she needed to do, that she wouldn’t be upset.

Lily was a mover-around-the-tabler (that’s a reporting term) but a real sweet little girl. I thought you might like to see a mid-groom picture, too.

The part where the hair is close to the skin was matted like felt, so the shaving was real slow-going. Groomer Mom shaved a big tick off before she could see it, so she had to use her special tick tool to get the head out of Lily’s skin. Then she grabbed her super-duper flea spray as those nasty buggers started emerging from under all that matted hair.

Groomer Mom knew this wasn’t going to end in a pretty groom. But sweet Lily was going to feel so much better, and her Mom would have a blank slate to start with to keep this from happening again.

The new appointment she made for 6 weeks out would also be an important part of that, too!

To finish up, I want to report that everything has mostly calmed down around here. Our aunt and cousin have gone off to do whitewater rafting today before they leave out for home. Jemma has done well, and most of us have been real nice to her. Chia started nipping at her, so Jemma started nipping Chia’s butt, BOL! Jemma can whip around real fast like most dogs of that breed, so Chia doesn’t stand a chance. We aren’t sure if she understands that it’s her own fault.

Jemma: You’re a good reporter, Lucy. You tell it like it is.

Lucy: Thanks, Jemma.

Then we all got new, meaty stew bones to chew outside. Chia got in Xena’s face about it, and it turned into a real, honest-to-goodness dog fight! I stood back to let them sort it out, and the only peep to jump in and stop it was Mom.

Xena: She didn’t have to, I was whooping that little brat’s butt!

Lucy: Like I was saying, Mom grabbed Chia, but that pup is so long that she slipped out of Mom’s hands and she and Xena went at it again. Mom grabbed up Chia again and threw her in the kennel, getting a bad scatch on her leg in the process. Dad was sitting right there and didn’t do anything at all. Boy, was he ever in trouble when the dust settled.

Xena: That wouldn’t have happened if Mom had let me finish it myself! I’m in charge, and that long brat isn’t going to usurp me as alpha here.

Lucy: What about Riley?
Xena: I stay outa his way.

I’m innocent, Your Honor.

So, folks, that’s our calmer weekend. Hope your week includes only nice things.

Lots of licks and wags, Lucy, Ace Reporter

30 thoughts on “Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

  1. we had a few dog fights with Jake and cooper and boy is that an adrnealin popper. glad it was sorted and all is well. to me that sweet little dog is an abused dog, how anyone can let a dog get like that is just crazy. and 3 lbs? do they feed her and fleas and ticks, can you tell i an on a rant? so glad she is cleaned up and i am betting they will not show up in 6 weeks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, Sandra. Often that is the case. In this one, I think she will come (I could be wrong) and the pup weighed so little cause she is just little. She didn’t look underweight or seem otherwise abused. Anyhow, fingers crossed.


  2. Oh, My are you sure that Lily’s name wasn’t actually Mopsy?? Good thing your Mom got her all fixed up and free of that mess, Lucy.

    Chia, you are a rascal…nipping at the guest, and then trying to steal a bone from your sisfur. That is not nice…but um…well you do look innocent there…BOL!

    Thanks for all the news, Lucy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mee–yow WOW poor wee Lily Poochie! Umm Miss Amy shuud Lily bee seen bye a V-E-T an make sure all tickss are gone an shee not got ticky-sicky?? Mee just askin….mee terryfied of tickss! Wee hope Lily comess back fore her follow up clippin Miss Amy!
    Ab Chia iss not poelite to hog Hostess (Xena’ss) soupbone Sweetie…trust mee mannerss are essentiall 😉
    Lucy you did a furabuluss job reeportin all THE mewss from yore place!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss BellaDharma, Mom says if the tick transmitted disease, it’s too late now and her mom can watch for symptoms. If she keeps coming back for her regular grooming, my Mom will watch for them, too. And Mom was pawsitive all ticks were gone when she was done. Thank you for asking and being concerned. XOX Lucy
      I’ve been told I “we” have to work on “your” manners. What’s Polite? I just wanna be in charge! Chia

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miss Amy can youss’ emagine if Lily iss ticky sick?? Mee an LadyMew purrayin you gotted them Tickss beefore they made Lily sick. Shee iss such a sweet poochie! Wee sirprized her Hu’man let her get innto such a state.

        Chia beein poe-lite an havin mannerss meenss you are gentle an not barky (or meowy inn mee case!) Wee are not to ‘bully’ our fir sibss or our Meowmy’ss. An wee not apposta ‘borrow’ (steal) our fursibss boness an snax an treetss!
        Which iss why mee had no fursibss~~mee has no mannerss with otherss of mee kind…..
        Butt you have a guud home with Miss Amy an Mistur Jeff an Lucy an Xena an Riley an Achilless.
        ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Our Mom says she and your Mom are Moms and that’s why you both react fast and break it up. Dad said it took a while for his brain to register they weren’t playing. Sheesh! Even I could see that! XOX Lucy


  4. That poor little dog. Happy your mom got that tick and the fleas. We actually think her shaved fur made for a cute hairdo. Poor Giulietta has that same kind of fur next to the skin, and she mats very easily. And she hates to be brushed. Mom has been working on her, but she too may need to get shaved this summer. She managed to escape it last summer. Have a happy week. Xock

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