Selfie Sunday at RocktoberFest

Hi friends! Xena here. It’s my turn to do my Sunday Selfie — oh yes, thank you  Kitties Blue for hosting it — and I was supposed to do a boring old selfie with a quiz to see how well you know me. But I got to go to the first RocktoberFest of the season at Rock City yesterday, and I want to share that with you instead. It’s lots more fun! I’ll woof Mommy into letting me do my original Selfie Sunday next week, OK?

It’s been two whole years since I was there; they didn’t have the festival cause of COVID. I was only three years old then, and the band scared me when they played. Guess what? I wasn’t scared at all this time!

It was a little chilly on Lookout Mountain so I wore my sweater under my harness most of the morning. I liked listening to the music and to Daddy announce the songs, saying funny things about them. I wanted to run out to him, but Mommy kept me in her lap. Then something smelled really bad.

At first I thought Mommy pooted, then I realized it was her Octoberfest beer. Ick.

We took a walk around the park, and Mommy had to go into the little girl’s room. That was my first time in a place like that. Did you know that they sprinkle crumbs of Tostitos on the floor? Oh my, they’re good!

Can you see my happy smile?

When we got back to the pavilion, I had a run-in with a chicken. Well, at least with its head.

Does this chicken head belong to anyone? I don’t like the way it’s looking at me.

Then Mommy danced a little bit with me, but I was more interested in checking under the tables for food. Later, while Daddy was announcing one of the songs, he held me and told everyone I am a schnauzer, a German dog who came for the good food and good music.

Too bad I didn’t get much more of the good food, although I got my first little taste of fudge. It was great! Then I was declared the official band dog, so I got my picture taken with the band.

Can you see me there right up front? I could see all the other dogs from there. I bet they wished they were me!

That pretty much covers it. Anyhoo, if I have to post a selfie, I choose the picture with me covering my nose, BOL!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

28 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday at RocktoberFest

  1. Lulu: “Ooh! You are the lead singer of the German band? Do you take requests? Can you sing ‘There’s a Squirrel in the Tree Outside’?”
    Charlee: “That’s not even a song.”
    Lulu: “It is too a song! It is the song of my people!”

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  2. HURRAH Xena!! Yore THE Band Poochie~~how furry kewl mee frend!!!
    Yore PawPaw lookss so fine inn his clothess holdin you THE beeuteefull Poochie Queen….
    An beer DOES smell sorta ‘pooty’ 😉
    Wee happy you an Miss Amy an PawPaw all had such a guud time!
    Rock on Xena, rock on!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ‘OMPAW’ BellaSita Mum

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  3. Lucy is jealous of your outfit of sweater and harness and jewelry (?). She says it’s jewelry. I’m not sure. That was LOL about the smell! But I love the photo of you as Band Dog!

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    1. Hi Lucy. I wasn’t wearing any jewelry. But It is a nice sweater and the harness, well, it’s a harness. I’ve learned not to back away from it or I don’t get to go on walks! XOX Xena


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