TGIF Thursday

It’s been another big week at work for me. Let’s see… I made a new friend. Her name is Linda, and I liked sitting in her lap.

This is me and my friend Linda.

I explored Mommy’s my office more.

Hey! What’s this litter on my shelf? Who’s supposed to be cleaning around here?


I took my morning naps.


I enjoyed time outside in the sunshine while resuming my work of pulling grass weeds.


I took an afternoon nap on Mommy’s lap while she tried to worked.

Yep, what an exhausting week! Good thing my work week ends on Thursday. TGIT!


I am Xena, the Exhausted Schnauzer Warrior Princess.

27 thoughts on “TGIF Thursday

    1. Then I found out it is my peeps brother who cleans the church! (But he only gets to work at it for 8 hours a week, so I will start helping with the trash.) ~Xena


    1. It was my Angel sister, Lexi’s. I can still smell her on it, and it is comforting.. Lucy and I are in big trouble right now. But what a fun adventure we had!! I think we bonded over it.

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  1. You really are pawsome Xena, you work sooooooo hard, make friends soooo well (and Linda looks a great friend, does she nose where the TREATS are kept?) and you’ve pawfected the art of napping. I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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    1. Hi Princess! Mommy gives me home-made liver treats because of my special diet. I am not allowed store treats. I sure wish I was. 😦 But Ms. Linda is still my friend. 🙂


  2. I agree with you it is eggs-hausting ti discover so much new things when we are puppies… there is quasi everything brandnew and there are 87 “furst times” efurry day… that screams for a relaxing weekend ;o)

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  3. Oh, Linda looks like a FABulous doggie scratcher! I bets she hits all the right places! You are doin’ an EXCELLENT job Xena! Way to keep an eye on your Moms….those peeps can slack off if you’re not careful you knows…..hehehee
    Ruby ♥

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