When Mom Deserted Us (or, I Might Get a Snake)

Xena: How could she do this? How could Mommy go away and leave me all alone all day and all night and all day again when I am in this condition?

Lucy: You aren’t alone, Xexe. I’m here and Dad’s here with you. And you’re not in a “condition.” You’re just having your big girl time. Stop being such a baby.

Xena: I’m NOT a baby. I’m a big girl. And it’s just not the same with Mommy gone. She knows I feel miserable and she deserted us. I need baby-held.

Lucy: I saw Dad baby-hold you like Mom showed him to do. And like I said…oh forget it. Mom went to Nashville to spend time with her BFF from PA. Come look at the pictures she sent. First they went to a Greek restaurant called Taziki’s, then to an art museum in Centennial Park called the Parthenon, just like in Greece. It was only $4 to go inside to see the pretty pictures because they got the “senior” discount, BOL! On the second floor they even got to visit the Goddess Athena.Xena: Is that a snake next to her?!

Lucy: Good eye, Xena.  In folklore snakes are usually depicted to be cunning creatures and, among other things,  Athena was the goddess of intelligent activity and battle strategy. You might take some lessons from her.

Xena: Phthh 

Lucy: Saturday night Mom and her friend went downtown to Music Row on Broadway Street. Mom wrote that the crowds on the sidewalks were so thick that you could hardly walk. There were street musicians and performers everywhere. They went into a restaurant called Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville for supper and entertainment…and, of course, margarita’s. Her friend even treated her to dinner for her birthday.Xena: Was Ruby the Airedale there? I hear it’s Margaritaville wherever she goes. If Ruby was there, why didn’t Mommy take me?

Lucy: Umm, I don’t think so, Xe.

On Sunday they went to the Opry Mills Mall. There was a new restaurant called the Aquarium that had a huge fish tank wrapped all around the inside of the restaurant.There was even a diver cleaning it like Mom cleans the house.

Xena: I wish she was here cleaning the house now. And holding me.

Lucy: Dad already cleaned the house as a birthday surprise for Mom. And she can’t hold you while she cleans, Xexe, you know that. Back to what I was saying. Hmm, where was I? Oh yes, restaurants. They didn’t eat there, ’cause Mom wanted her PA friend to experience real southern pulled pork with all the trimmings. So they walked through the mall to a real Southern BBQ joint and chowed down.

Xena: Now I’m hungry. When are we going to eat?

Lucy: Dad already gave us our supper. And it was more than even Mom gives us.

Xena: Yeah, well, I just hope she comes home soon. Lucy: She will be home soon, little sister. I can’t wait for her to open the card we got her:

Like I said, Dad’s fed us our supper and I am just going to take a little nap and wait.This is Lucy and Xena waiting for the deserter Mom.

PeeS: I’m thinkin’ about getting me a snake  so I can be just like Athena. ~Xena Schnauzer Goddess Princess

33 thoughts on “When Mom Deserted Us (or, I Might Get a Snake)

  1. Miss amy mee an Lady Moewy hope you have a fun an happy Birthday!! Xena girl pleese do not bee so sad….yore Mummy will bee home soon. An you do have Daddy an sweet Lucykeep you companee…
    Lucy yore photo iss furry beeuteefull…..mee wishess angel Uncle Siddhartha Henry cuud see it…maybe hee can….mee hopess so….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. BellaDharma, that is so nice of you. I bet Siddhartha Henry could see me getting my picture taken, so he didn’t need to see the picture. XOX Lucy
      Mommy’s home! She’s baby holding me while I fall asleep! XOX Xena

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  2. It’s hard when the moms are away. But they need time too…I guess. Dads are fun though too. Happy birthday to your mom from us and our My Margret! ~ nose nudges Belle for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  3. BOL!!! OMD, I tried to sneaks into one of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville’s befores, butts they kicked my furry arse out! Can you believes it??? I thinks they were just JEALOUS of my SUPERIOR margarita makin’ skills. (or the fact that I was twerkin’ on the bar….not sure which one it was….)
    Anyhu, I am so glads your Moms and her buddy had a FABulous time celebrating her Burthday!!! Ma said she was jealous, cause it looked like one helluva time!
    I hopes your dream of a snake comes true! That would be soooo cool!
    Ruby ♥

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  4. Xena, I’s feel for you woofie sister. This being grown up stinks! I’s can’t run around with mud all over me cause ladies clean the mud off. Geez Louise! Me’s don’t want a mouthful of mud….you crazy there Budd.

    Your mom will be back very shortly and the stories she can tell you will rock your diaper off.


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    1. Hi Tyebe. Maybe your Mommy could give you a bath instead of you having to get a mouthful of mud? That’s what my Mommy does. She IS back! No stories, but I did get my Big Girl Panties off. Yay! Your Big Girl Puppy Friend, Xena


  5. hello xena and lucy its dennis the vizsla dog hay xena i no just how yoo feel i meen dada is ok and stuf but he is not mama!!! however i cud definitly git on bord with beeing givin ekstra fud it wood raise dada a kuple of notches in my opinyun!!! ha ha ok bye

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    1. Lucy said we got extra, but I didn’t notice. ~Xena
      We did. Mom packaged our meat to be exactly our total food weight per meal and forgot to add in the veggies we get, too. So we both got more meat than usual.Lucy


  6. Morning Lucy and Xena (spelled it right this time hehe) Sounds like Mom had a grand Birthday celebration…..Ladies need to get away from it all and just chill out every now and then. She’ll really be glad to see you when she get home. Xena you might want to rethink the snake thing. Not all snakes are a good thing. We just caught a 4 foot copperhead on the front deck last week! One bite from that and one of the dogs could have died. Very scary. I know, maybe you can dress up like a golden Goddess for Halloween!
    Big girl hugs from Granny T

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    1. Hari Om
      Well, Xena-kutti, in the Great Down Underparts we talk of a mooch as somebody out of sorts with themselves and stirring up nonsense because they think efurrybuddy should know how they are feeling… making life a bit difficult for their near and dear. I think in other countries it can mean someone who takes hospitality but never gives it… making life a bit difficult for their near and dear. Different usage, same result.

      You asked I told! The main thing is you’ll get over it. Won’t you? &*> Yxx

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